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About us

We are here to help you build a career in photography

We are one of the leading Photography Academy in the city of Lagos. Our academy promises value in all photography spheres that will equip students with the required knowledge and skill to stand out among others.

Enroll into our academy today and be well grounded on Portrait Photography, Photojournalism, Fashion Photography, Sports Photography, Lifestyle Photography, Editorial Photography etc.

We offer photo workshops training for beginners, intermediate and advanced level students in structured lessons and excellent teaching style that help students see beyond photography– as an art and science, but also as a skill that can be acquired by anyone. 

Kemi Lawal

Head of Academy and Studio

Specific-Training For Every Level

Entry Level

Our lectures are designed in a way that that suit novice and beginners who are passionate about photography and are ready to aquire the skill.

Intermediate Level

Do you already have an experience in the photography industry, worry not as we also have a well designed lesson plan and teaching style that will enhance photography skill and land you a Pro Photographer.

Advanced Level

Are you looking to take your already acquired skills and knowledge to an advanced level of photography? Then you are just one step away to getting that accomplished with us.

Lecture Schedule

Our lecture time are scheduled to suit both working and none working class student.

Half Day

Do you intend to have a training session that will also allow you to do other things, then we have a Half Day for you that runs as stated below.

Full Day

Do you desire to enroll and take part in our full day activities of learning and practicing, then then this package is best designed for you.

Weekend Class

You are a working class but also need to acquire relevant skills and knowledge in photography, then our weekend classes is your best choice.

Why us

We are your best photography academy.

When you think of photography academy with great innovation, creativity and professionalism, then think of Preeminent Photography Academy as well give you a touch of excellency with,


At Preeminent Photography Academy, we don't just teach, we inspire our student to be as creative as they can be thereby, bringing out the best in them.


Our training and services are done with high level of professionalism which we also inculcate into our students.


We are innovative in our approach, same way we challenge our student to be very innovative.

Designed to help you maximize your potential

Preeminent photography academy aims at bringing our the hidden potentials in her students and make them see the greatness that lies within them in creating photographic brands, photographic authentication, photographic verification etc.

Meet our tutors

Experts in Photography

Rolland Ekwesi

Lead Trainer

Harriet Ogah

Assist. Lead Trainer

Mike Ademola

Project Supervisor

More than an Academy and Studio